Oklahoma beacon community picks Archimedes for decision support
Archimedes, a healthcare modeling company, and MyHealth Access Network, a Beacon Community in Oklahoma, announced the planned deployment of Archimedes’ Individualized Guidelines and Outcomes (IndiGO) platform, a physician and patient decision support tool. 

IndiGO could be used by doctors to work with their patients to inform the health decisions of as many as 810,000 Oklahomans, according to the San Francisco-based Archimedes.

The Tulsa-based MyHealth Access Network will deploy IndiGO across its region to enable physicians to provide their patients with personalized information about their own risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  In addition, IndiGO will provide information about the relative importance of various activities to reducing risk, such as quitting smoking or losing weight.

IndiGO is an interactive tool that physicians and patients can use together to learn about health risks and establish a plan tailored to each patient’s health conditions and goals, Archimedes added.