SmartPill scores VA Boston Healthcare System install
VA Boston Healthcare System has installed the SmartPill GI Monitoring System, a wireless, ingestible medical device — about the size of a large vitamin pill — that travels through the gastrointestinal tract (GI), collecting and transmitting data physicians.

The system, which features the SmartPill pH.p Capsule, is the first medical device capable of providing segmented transit times for gastric emptying, combined small and large bowel, and total GI tract transit, according to the Buffalo, N.Y.-based SmartPill. 

The firm said it will help in the evaluation of patients with GI motility disorders, including those suffering from symptoms of slow gastric emptying, a condition known as gastroparesis.

Patients ingest the SmartPill Capsule in the doctor’s office and then go about their daily activities. As the capsule travels through the body, it collects important data and transmits it to the SmartPill Data Receiver, which is slightly larger than a cell phone, and is worn on a patient’s belt or around the neck, the company said.

“SmartPill is proud to be partnering with the VA Boston Healthcare System to deliver this technology to veterans in Boston and throughout the New England area,” said David Barthel, president and CEO of SmartPill. “As a result of this partnership, veterans can now have access to the latest method available to evaluate their GI motility disorders.”

According to SmartPill, in addition to the capsule and the receiver, the GI Monitoring System also includes a data receiver docking station, and laptop computer with SmartPill MotiliGI software.