Solis brings molecular breast imaging to Texas metroplex
Solis Women's Health, with eight centers across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex devoted entirely to mammography and breast imaging, is adding molecular breast imaging (MBI) to its portfolio of available diagnostic tools.

The technology is performed with the Dilon 6800, a high-resolution, small field-of-view gamma camera, optimized to perform breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI), a technique that can see lesions independent of tissue density and discover very early stage cancers, the Austin, Texas-based Solis said.

MBI will be implemented at Solis' Central Plano location, with further implementations planned at Solis locations throughout the Metroplex, according to Dilon Technologies.

With BSGI, the patient receives a pharmaceutical tracing agent that is absorbed by all the cells in the body. Due to an increased rate of metabolic activity, cancerous cells in the breast absorb a greater amount of the tracing agent than normal, healthy cells and generally appear as "hot spots" on the BSGI image, Dilon said.