Southern Arizona HIE taps Wellogic for SaaS
Wellogic and its partners Apollo Health Street and Initiate Systems will provide software as a service (SaaS)-based clinical solutions and services to the Southern Arizona Health Information Exchange (SAHIE)'s 40-plus member organizations.

Under SAHIE's blueprint, the Cambridge, Mass.-based Wellogic said its standards-based exchange utilizes Interoperable Health PlatForm For Patient Identification technology from the Chicago-based Initiate to expedite information flow among providers, patients, payors, laboratories, imaging centers, pharmacies and other participants in patient care.

The technology agnostic HIE will bring together the area's healthcare systems to establish an interoperable patient health summary across multiple venues of care, with a goal to achieve a rapid and measurable improvement in quality of care, patient safety, and rate of increase of healthcare cost, according to Tucson, Ariz.-based SAHIE.

Building on the foundation, in subsequent phases SAHIE will leverage Wellogic's patient, provider and care management solutions to deliver patient specific, evidence-based quality, cost and performance recommendations to the point of care. Also over time, SAHIE said it will leverage the exchange for population-wide analytics and improvement of healthcare expenditure and strategy.

SAHIE said it has chosen to implement Wellogic using standards and policies established under the federally sponsored and recently delivered National Health Information Network Phase II (NHIN-II) program. Wellogic's HIE infrastructure will go live on the NHIN, and also continue to operate with systems that are not yet NHIN enabled. SAHIE's finalized contract with Wellogic will license Release X of Wellogic's solutions.