Temporary restraining order halts teleradiology contract in Maui
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RadCare, a division of Dallas-based EmCare, has been blocked from taking over radiology services at Maui Memorial Medical Center in Hawaii by a temporary restraining order issued last week. Judge Kelsey Kawano, of the 2nd Circuit Court, has set a hearing on the dispute for July 11, according to a report from The Maui News.

The plaintiff in the case is Maui Radiology Associates, the currently contracted radiology services provider for Maui Memorial Medical Center. Maui Radiology Associates’ attorney asserted that the hospital violated request for proposal policies in awarding the contract, according to The Maui News. Specifically, Maui Radiology Associates and its attorneys claim RadCare did not have board-certified, state-licensed radiologists hired at the time it submitted a proposal for the radiology services contract.

Defendants include Hawaii Health Systems, the board of directors of the Maui Regional Health Care System of the Hawai’I Health System and the CEO of Maui Memorial Medical Center.

At the hearing for a preliminary injunction on July 11, Kawano is expected to decide whether the court has jurisdiction to handle the case, according to The Maui News.