Toshiba deploys open MRI and 64-slice scanner

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Boynton Beach Open Imaging Center in Florida has installed Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.'s (TAMS) Ultra open-MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) system.
Ultra's MRI gradient field technology features amplitude of 25 mT/m (milli-Tesla per meter) and a slew rate of 100 T/m/s (Tesla per meter per second). High-end applications with the system include high-field imaging techniques, such as single-shot echo-planar imaging (EPI) diffusion, true SSFP, SuperFASE and black blood MR angiography.
In related company news, TAMS installed its Aquilion 64 CFX multislice CT system designed for cardiac applications at Newport Coast Advanced Imaging in Newport Beach, Calif.
The system, built on the same platform as TAMS' Aquilion 32 CFX, utilizes Toshiba's 64-row Quantum detector technology that delivers high-speed, high-resolution cardiovascular imaging with low noise and extended anatomical coverage.
The Quantum detector also enables the Aquilion scanner to acquire 64 simultaneous slices of 0.5 mm with each 400-millisecond gantry revolution. Images of the heart, or any region of the body, can be acquired under 10 seconds, TAMS said.