Toshiba scores Aquilion One install in Puerto Rico
The Hospital HIMA San Pablo in Caguas, Puerto Rico, has installed Toshiba America Medical Systems' Aquilion One CT system.

The Aquilion One's capability to image the entire organ and show real-time function helps reduce diagnosis time from hours or days to minutes, according to the Tustin, Calif.-based Toshiba.

The facility performs more than 40,000 CT scans a year, according to Ivan Del Toro, MD, chief medical officer at the HIMA San Pablo group. Beyond treating stroke patients, Del Toro said the hospital will use the Aquilion One for diagnosing at-risk patients served by the hospital's more than 80 specialties, including the Cardiovascular Institute, HIMA San Pablo Cancer Center and Pediatric and Adolescence Specialty Center.