U.K. hospital adopts Siemens CT Somatom
The Northern Centre for Cancer Care (NCCC) at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, has recently installed a Somatom Sensation Open 40-slice CT simulator from Siemens Healthcare.  

The new system, which will go clinical later this year, allows for the positioning of radiation therapy patients and provides visualization of anatomy for treatment planning.  The installation is part of an overall transformation of the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to bring hospital services together and improve quality of care, according to Siemens.  

NCCC will use Siemens’ integrated respiratory gating solution, Anzai, to image tumor movement caused by respiratory motion. Respiratory data is synchronized with the spiral CT acquisition data, so the user can select the point at which images are retrospectively reconstructed. A set of 4D data is then available on the acquisition workstation and can be sent to the department’s chosen planning system.  

The company said the training on the application has commenced.