U.K. university installs Siemens PET/CT for clinical oncology research
Newcastle University in England has installed a Biograph 40 TruePoint PET/CT scanner from Siemens Healthcare to evaluate the efficacy of PET/CT for implementing radiation therapy treatment plans.

The Biograph 40 TruePoint PET/CT is designed to determine the exact location, size, nature and extent of disease by combining the functional information of PET with the anatomical information acquired by the integrated diagnostic 40-slice CT.  The combination of both PET and CT will allow researchers at the university to detect changes in molecular activity, revealing the smallest lesions in fine detail in order to study the nature of cancers, Siemens said.
Researchers at the center will also focus on radiotherapy planning and have already begun scans in this area. 

Primarily funded by the regional development agency ONE NorthEast and located at the Newcastle PET Center, the system has recently begun its first clinical trials, according to the company.