Mobile radiology service brings imaging to inmates, saves taxpayers’ money

Commissioners in Reno County, Kan., have approved the use of mobile radiology services for inmates at its Reno County Correctional Facility.

The mobile imaging services, which include x-ray, ultrasound and EKG, will be provided through the Wichita Radiology Group and could save the county thousands of dollars a year in transportation, manpower and other costs.

Now radiology services can be provided to the jail within an hour and a written report within two hours, a process that could take two days under the current inmate imaging strategy.

The jail needs the services “a couple of times a month,” jail nurse Linda McNann told The Hutchinson News, and plans to track the total savings over time.

The facility also cuts costs by administering its own intravenous injections and is looking into mobile dental services as well.