ACR, SBI and ASBD team to promote mammography
The American College of Radiology (ACR), Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) and American Society of Breast Disease (ASBD) have launched the Mammography Saves Lives campaign to educate women about the importance of screening mammography.

The initiative was designed to clear confusion, reduce unnecessary breast cancer deaths and help women avoid extensive treatment for advanced cancers that may have gone undetected due to women not undergoing annual mammograms, offered the ACR.

The campaign has released a series of public service announcements, featuring breast cancer survivors diagnosed in their 40s who urge women to begin an annual mammography routine at age 40.   

According to the ACR, the public service announcements direct women to a new web site, which offers:

•    Sign up options to receive an annual reminder email to receive a mammogram;
•    Scientific information regarding the need to start mammography at age 40;
•    Leading breast cancer experts explaining why annual mammograms save lives;
•    The opportunity to share breast cancer survival stories; and
•    Help finding nearby ACR accredited mammography facilities.

The web site can be found here.