AHRQ seeks to build e-prescribing implementation toolkit
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has requested permission from the Office of Management and Budget to approve its proposed information collection project on e-prescribing.

AHRQ has proposed to develop and test an e-prescribing toolset to provide information and tools for implementing e-prescribing across various organizational settings, according to a notice April 24 in the Federal Register.

E-prescribing systems have the potential to create cost savings in healthcare by reducing the number of adverse drug events and through more efficient work processes of prescribers and pharmacies.

The information collection project, Accelerating Change and Transformation in Organizations and Networks (ACTION), will "produce a toolset to help a diverse range of provider organizations, from small independent offices to large medical groups to ‘safety net' clinics, to adopt e-prescribing systems and use them effectively in ways that advance the organizations goals," according to the notice.

AHRQ said it plans to conduct a pilot test in conjunction with the RAND Coporation. Researchers will visit six practices that are attempting to implement e-prescribing for the first time, conducting interviews and observing work processes. Selected practice members will be asked to take an online survey regarding the success and the helpfulness of the toolset.