Array upgrades DICOM digitizer
Array has upgraded its DICOM 2905 laser film digitizer from a 4.0 to 4.3 optical density range.

The 2905's capability to scan a 14 x 7 film at 2K resolution in under seven seconds and its capacity to address a choice of applications, priors, primary reads, digital duplicates or output for teaching files, helping classify its utility, according to Tom Nardozzi, president of the Hampton, N.H.-based Array.

"We're finding that as the adoption of full-field digital mammography is growing, there are still some facilities that haven't fully deployed PACS for mammography, which is creating a need for one piece of equipment that can do it all. Not all institutions are in the position to afford one digitizer for main department use, and another devoted to mammography, even though there are options for that," Nardozzi added.