GE Healthcare
GE’s Signa MR750 3.0T system  
GE Healthcare (Booth 5529) is demonstrating its Signa MR750 3.0T system that’s equipped with powerful gradients, new workflow features and an advanced Thermal Management System. The Signa MR750 delivers up to 60 percent additional anatomical coverage and resolution unit per time, according to GE. It also allows for up to five times the imaging performance over previous generations.

Lava-Flex is a dual-echo acquisition technique that raises the bar on existing sequences to provide detailed, 3D abdominal images in one breath-hold. It produces in one scan four different contrasts, allowing the user to select the output image types—in-phase, opposed-phase, water and fat. With the new application, clinicians can now conduct a complete liver exam in 15 minutes.  
Vibrant-Flex is a new application that allows for fat-free breast imaging with high spatio-temporal resolution. The application catches the shortest in- and out-of phase echoes to keep scan times comparable to single echo acquisitions.
Vibrant-Flex optimizes acquisition with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for acquiring high-quality water and fat images. The capability lets the user prescribe thinner slices for high spatial resolution imaging.
Propeller 2.0 enables strong performance in all imaging planes with the implementation of the No Phase Wrap (NPW) technique. NPW allows virtually ghost-artifact-free, motion-immune scans in sagittal, coronal, axial and oblique planes. Since the technique deals with the aliasing artifact, Propeller 2.0 is now more robust, performing small field-of-view scans.

With GE-exclusive 3D Swan technique, images of small vessels and microbleeds can be captured and delineated, as well as large vascular structures and iron and calcium depositions in the brain. 3D Swan’s multi-echo acquisition technique and post-processing algorithm provide wider tissue bandwidth—two to four times more SNR and more contrast in a package within clinically relevant scan times, according to GE. With such clinical properties, 3D Swan may aid clinicians in diagnosing among others patients with ischemic and cerebral brain diseases, arteriovenous malformations and neurodegenerative diseases.