MRI: Playing the Field (Strength)

While 1.5T system installations remain popular, 3T units are gaining force. On the RSNA floor, vendors are enhancing both field strengths, aimed at speeding exam time and improving image resolution and coil technology. Vendors are displaying new imaging systems and advanced visualization software targeting breast MRI. MRI-specific applications for neurology, cardiology and orthopedic imaging also will be on display.

Aurora Imaging Technology (Booth 423) is unveiling AuroraEdge, exclusive to its 1.5 Tesla dedicated breast MRI system. The technology improves image resolution and reduces artifacts, resulting in images of both breasts, axillae, chest wall and mediastinum in a single bilateral scan. AuroraEdge’s features include 3D image reconstruction matrix; 0.7 mm slice thickness; and offers isotropic true 0.7 mm resolution in all three planes. 

Bracco Diagnostics (Booth 2845), along with ACIST Medical Systems, is showing a portfolio of  imaging agents and delivery systems, such as MultiHance—indicated for intravenous use in MRI of the central nervous system in adults to visualize lesions with abnormal blood brain barrier or abnormal vascularity of the brain, spine and associated tissues. 

Covidien (Booth 9113) is featuring its updated Optistar Elite injector with its unit-dose Ultraject prefilled contrast media syringes to help reduce the risk of certain medication-dispensing and mislabeling errors. The Patency Check feature is programmed to deliver a 10 mL saline injection while the clinician examines the patient’s injection site.
GE Healthcare (Booth 5529) is demonstrating its Signa MR750 3T system, equipped with powerful gradients, new workflow features and a Thermal Management System.

Lava-Flex is a dual-echo acquisition technique that provides detailed, 3D abdominal images in one breath-hold, and allows the user to select the output image types. 

Vibrant-Flex is a new application that allows for fat-free breast imaging with high spatio-temporal resolution. The application catches short in- and out-of phase echoes to keep scan times comparable to single echo acquisitions.

Propeller 2.0 enables performance in all imaging planes with the implementation of the No Phase Wrap (NPW) technique, allowing motion-immune scans in sagittal, coronal, axial and oblique planes. 

Hitachi Medical Systems America (Booth 2629) is highlighting its Oasis High-Field MR Solutions with an open magnet, along with two new products: the HI Vision 900 platform and the HI Vision 5500. The HI Vision 900 platform is for radiology, and the HI Vision 5500 is geared toward specialty areas. The High Field Echelon also has two new configurations, the XL and XLS.

Medis Medical Imaging Systems (Booth 3338) is presenting its measurement software portfolio for neuroradiology and a new version of QMass MR, with functionality for contour detection of the right ventricle in cardiac MRI. QBrain calculates volumes and lesion changes in brain MRI, supporting automatic and manual 3D registration. 

Medrad (Booth 2815) is highlighting the wireless version of its Continuum MR Infusion System, which enables the clinician to control a patient’s medication infusion during a MR procedure from both inside and outside the scan room. Clinicians can control the parameters with a new wireless remote display featuring a color touch-screen. 

Metrasens (Booth 8803) is unveiling a ferromagnetic detection system designed to warn people entering an MRI room if they are carrying an object that may be attracted to the MRI magnet. The Ferroguard Beacon System, available in two models—a wall-mounted system and a flexible freestanding system—is able to differentiate between safe metallic objects and hazardous ones.

NordicNeuroLab (Booth 1841) is showcasing its nordic fMRI solution for multimodality functional imaging. The nordic fMRI allows a clinician to conduct a fMRI procedure from stimulus presentation and image acquisition to data analysis and reporting of results; and consists of three components: nordicAktiva, a stimulus presentation and workflow software; its fMRI hardware system for stimulus presentation, response collection and timing synchronization; and nordicICE, an image analysis software for BOLD, DTI and perfusion imaging.

Paramed Medical Systems (Booth 9139) is unveiling its MRopen 0.5T, a cryogen-free, superconductive MRI system. The U-shaped system uses a cable made from magnesium diboride, an alloy with superconductive characteristics at temperatures achievable with a traditional cooling system.   

Philips Healthcare (Booth 7713) is releasing its Elite Clinical Solution for breast imaging that includes the MammoTrak dockable patient support, diagnostic and biopsy coils, and the DynaCAD Enterprise Solution, which allows biopsy planning performed on the MR console. The Elite Breast solution provides a set of throughput enablers, including access to in-depth trainings courses and the SmartExam Breast tool, which delivers reproducible images. Philips also is showcasing the Panorama High Field Open system, featuring high performance gradients to improve imaging performance. 

ProScan Imaging Education Foundation (Booth 2603) is rolling out its Master’s Series, focusing on the topics of orthopaedics and abdominal imaging, including MRI of the hip, the male and female pelvis, liver, kidney and cardiac imaging. The 26-DVD set features Dr. Stephen J. Pomeranz’s lectures on diagnostic imaging. 

Resonance Technology (Booth 8924) is debuting FuncLAB fMRI image data processing technology. The 1000 Hz MRI eye tracker camera with data analysis software via the VisuaStim audio-visual stimulation module. FuncLAB is integrating the Quad-Core processor technique in its line of hardware/software products. The technology harnesses four CPUs to analyze complex fMRI data. 

Siemens Healthcare (Booth 922) is highlighting its Magnetom MRI systems. Total imaging matrix technology has grown to 32 element coils and higher acceleration factors for parallel imaging. Among the systems on display are Siemens’ pair of 70 cm open bore MRI systems: Magnetom Espree 1.5T and Magnetom Verio 3T. 

Toshiba America Medical Systems (Booth 3429) is highlighting its Toshiba Vantage Titan MR, an open-bore 1.5T MRI and is introducing Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Suite as a work in progress. The Vantage Titan MR features a large 71-cm patient aperture, homogeneity and a wide clinical field-of-view. The new bilateral, multi-channel Radiance Coil optimizes MR mammography on Vantage systems by increasing access for breast biopsy.