Philips, Dako ink digital pathology deal
Royal Philips Electronics and Dako, a Glostrup, Denmark-based company focused on tissue-based cancer diagnostics, have signed an agreement to integrate a selection of Dako’s image analysis applications into Philips’ future digital pathology technologies.

A pathology slide scanner and an associated image management system form the basis of Philips’ proposed technologies for digitizing pathology workflows. The companies said the collaboration will initially focus on leveraging Dako’s image analysis software for tissue-based breast cancer diagnosis using its reagents for staining HER2, estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, p53 and Ki-67 proteins. The detection and quantification of these proteins in biopsy tissue are relevant for the classification of breast cancers and the selection of appropriate therapy. The companies also will explore the possibility of extending the collaboration to include image analysis software for immunohistology-based prostate and colon cancer diagnostics, said Philips and Dako.