Sentinelle launches new breast imaging tools, breast coils
Sentinelle Medical demonstrated its new Aegis with Bright 2.0 and introduced several new coils, along with its next generation of breast visualization and interventional planning software, at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last month.

Built on Sentinelle’s 3D framework, Aegis with Bright 2.0 offers a graphical interface for analyzing breast MR images and guiding interventional procedures. Features include thin client option, time enhancement curves for understanding of pixel intensity changes and motion correction, according to the Toronto-based company. With access to MR images, Aegis with Bright 2.0 computes targeted information.

Also featured at RSNA 2008, Sentinelle’s line of Vanguard 1.5T imaging coils now includes 1.5T 16 channel coils, 1.5T Mastectomy coils and 3T 8 channel coils. The offerings are available for the Sentinelle Vanguard G-Series Table for Signa HDx and HDi MRI systems. The company said that Sentinelle 1.5T Mastectomy coil improves image quality across a range of breast sizes and accommodates imaging patients who have undergone lumpectomy or mastectomy.  

The Toronto-based Sentinelle also extended its offerings on the Siemens platform. The current offerings include Sentinelle Vanguard S-Series coil for imaging and biopsy on the 1.5T Magnetom Espree, Magnetom Avanto and Magnetom Symphony and a Tim System MRIs.

Siemens introduced the Magnetom Espree–Pink at RSNA, which has been integrated with the Sentinelle Vanguard S-Series 1.5T 8 channel coil for a seamless system. Sentinelle’s newest offering is the Sentinelle Vanguard T-Series 1.5T 8 channel coil for Vantage Atlas and Vantage Titan. Toshiba will be including the system with its Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Suite.