3D volume rendered cardiac image on TeraRecon Aquarius iNtuition  
TeraRecon (Booth 209) is spotlighting the features and attributes of its Aquarius family of advanced visualization services including enhanced clinical capabilities for its Aquarius iNtuition.

The Aquarius iNtuition client includes a comprehensive set of tools for cardiovascular anatomy and morphology; endovascular aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR) planning; time density analysis (TDA) clinical tools; and segmentation, analysis and tracking (SAT) tools for facilitating tracking and assessment of structures.

In addition, Aquarius iNtuition has MR analysis for breast imaging; MR cardiac clinical tools; and a CT colon package that provides automated segmentation and centerline generation for endoscopic evaluation and a new 360-degree filet view provides a complete retrograde and antegrade view of haustral folds.
The Aquarius iNtuition Client is now available for purchase as a server-side upgrade or in a per-user configuration. The iNtuition server-side upgrade allows all users of the AquariusNET Server access to the iNtuition Client.

The firm also is highlighting expanded informatics capabilities of the Aquarius suite including AquariusGATE enhancements to facilitate image transfers from remote facilities performing image acquisitions which then are read off-site; AquariusAPS enhancements to automatically generate coronal and sagittal batch views, pre-fetch prior studies for review, and perform an auto-anonymize function; and AquariusAnatomyID, which  automatically labels anatomical structures in datasets and uses anatomical landmarks to verify the study type listed in DICOM header information—this improves the accuracy of the routing and processing performed on incoming studies, according to TeraRecon.