Two Aurora 1.5T breast MRI users gain MR accreditation
The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Magnetic Resonance Laboratories has accredited the Oklahoma City-based Breast MRI of Oklahoma and the Breast Center of Hattiesburg Clinic in Mississippi to use the 1.5Tesla breast MRI system from Aurora Imaging Technology.

The ICAMRL accreditation meets the requirements of third-party payors mandating official accountability to guarantee reimbursement for insured patients, according to the North Andover, Mass.-based company.

Recent studies on the benefits of MRI as an advanced diagnostic tool for breast disease, and the latest American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines, which recommend breast MRI for women at high risk of breast cancer, have influenced the increased use of MRI for the breast in the past year.  MRI accreditation is now becoming a standard for breast health centers, and ICAMRL provides recognition for those that meet their guidelines, Aurora said.