Bexion, Molecular Targeting to develop molecular tumor imaging
Bexion Pharmaceuticals, a two-year-old cancer treatment developer, has signed an agreement with Molecular Targeting Technologies, a biotechnology company, to collaboratively develop enhanced molecular imaging of tumors.

Ray Takigiku, CEO of Bexion, and Kevin Xu, both former executives with Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, have licensed a technique by a genetic researcher, Xiaoyang Qi, MD, at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, that offers promise for curing all types of cancers. The discovery by Qi found a protein inside cells that is successful in targeting and destroying tumors, according to the Cincinnati-based company.

“They think we have good technology and are willing to put money and energy behind it,” said Takigiku.

Bexion said it has found a way to manufacture the protein and has successfully destroyed 50 different tumors in animals.

"This novel nanovesicle technology will dramatically augment our ability to accurately diagnose and provide timely cancer treatment," said Chris Pak, MD, president of Molecular Targeting, a privately held West Chester, Pa.-based company that develops new medical imaging products for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer.