The American College of Radiology and Society of Pediatric Radiology both said the move will have a positive impact on the quality and safety of care.

The ACR detailed how radiologists can prepare to keep patient care operational after an attack in a deep-dive report published this week. 

Dutch doctors graded more than 650 radiology exams at their care center, labeling 20% as "deficient requests," they reported Thursday.

The pair called on the American Board of Radiology and European Society of Radiology to incorporate forward-looking principles into its core curriculum.

The machine learning-based method can ensure clinicians keep pace with the growing number of people presenting with more than one lung abnormality.

Radiologists and other providers must be aware lymph node changes are appearing on MRI, PET/CT, and ultrasonography exams, according to evidence published Wednesday.

Colorectal cancer remains one of the top three causes of cancer-related death among men and women in industrialized regions, researchers explained in Radiology.

Ezequiel Silva III, MD, a practicing San Antonio radiologist, will chair the 32-member AMA Multispecialty Relative Value Scale Update Committee.

The method is based on the ACR's BI-RADS Atlas and aims to encourage vaccinations, limit patient anxiety and reduce unnecessary follow-up testing.

The New York-based institution says the funds will help to develop a new light-sheet imaging device that will power a handful of cellular-level experiments.

Neuroimaging showed increased activity in two areas involved in cognitive function, researchers explained Monday.

The neural network performed well even when faced with low-quality images, German researchers reported in Skeletal Radiology.