People are increasingly taking on more proactive roles in their healthcare decisions, but a lack of proper education materials is proving to be a hindrance for both patients and providers.

Imaging specialists remain irreplaceable, the experts maintained, particularly when looking for clinically significant findings.

President Biden recently signed the Havana Act into law, hoping to identify brain changes among victims via radiological examination. 

Given pancreatic cancer is aggressive and challenging to treat, early detection is key to a positive prognosis, researchers explained.

The good news is more than 90% of women would choose radiology again if forced to restart their careers, according to new survey data from Medscape.

A simple exam could prove to be a lifesaving choice for firefighters, who face a higher risk for CVD, experts explained in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

The policy is needed to ensure regulatory pathways keep pace with innovation, which is only expected to accelerate, one expert said recently.

Patient and environmental factors proved not to be major culprits but scan results were key, experts reported Tuesday in BMC Emergency Medicine.

More than 90% of rads working in North America and around the globe said the specialty is well-suited for online teaching, experts reported Tuesday in Insights into Imaging.

This study is the first in the world to demonstrate the positive results of this method, Sunnybrook Research Institute experts reported in Science Translational Medicine.

President and CEO Stephen Merrick said the company is "well on its way" to having dual production and processing pathways for the valuable medical imaging radioisotope.

The combined company now manages more than 50 billion medical images and will read upward of 130 million exams each year.

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The Cranemere Group is acquiring Nashville-based Outpatient Imaging Affiliates, which has grown rapidly in recent years, and plans to hold the firm permanently.

The Improving Seniors’ Timely Access to Care Act of 2021 follows a similar proposal in the House and is endorsed by the ACR, AMA and American Hospital Association. 

That placed radiology 4th on a list of 17 specialties examined by the Urban Institute, behind only anesthesiology, emergency medicine and neurosurgery.