Can a Wisconsin plant change the face of nuclear imaging?

Moly-99, the radioisotope that fuels nuclear imaging, isn't currently produced in the United States. But in Janesville, Wisconsin, Shine Medical Technologies is building a $100 million plant that could manufacture up to 50,000 does of imaging agent a week, a New York Times article reports.

If this plant in Wisconsin is built, that would make it the first construction project to pass through the muddy nuclear regulatory approval process since 1985.

However, many hurdles must be cleared before Janesville can begin building.

Another company seeking to take hold of the moly-99 supply chain, NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes, is in the same county as Shine Medical, and was awarded $50 million in federal grants to start building. And although Shine is backed by $25 million in federal support, it must raise more money if it wants to start producing the radioisotopes by its goal of 2020.

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