Carestream announces Centers of Excellence, leadership team
Carestream Health Inc. has signed agreements with healthcare institutions around the world that have implemented state-of-the-art digital medical imaging and healthcare IT systems from the company to serve as “Center of Excellence” sites.

“These organizations were specifically chosen because of their commitment to being on the leading edge of healthcare technology and patient care,” said Michael W. Jackman, president, Healthcare Information Solutions, Carestream Health. “We will work closely with these healthcare providers to design, develop, test and implement our next generation of powerful digital solutions to enable operational efficiency as well as an enhanced patient experience.”

The Center of Excellence sites are:
  • In North America: Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, Long Beach, Calif.; Queensway Carleton Hospital, Ottawa, Canada; Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, N.Y.; University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, N.Y.; and Borg Imaging Group, Rochester, N.Y.

  • In Latin America: ABC Hospital, Mexico City, Mexico.

  • In Europe/Middle East: Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden; Hopital Fondation Saint Joseph, Paris, France; Florence Nightingale Krankenhaus Kaiserswerth, Düsseldorf, Germany; Grupo Hospitalario Quiron, Madrid, Spain; USL Ferrara - Lagosanto Hospital, Lagosanto, Italy; Santa Maria Nuova Hospital, Reggio Emilia, Italy; and Al-Sabah Hospital, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

  • In Asia Pacific: Hunter New England Health, NSW, Australia; and Kansai Medical University Hirakata Hospital, Osaka, Japan.
In addition to hosting visits for other healthcare providers who want to see products from Carestream Health in action, these facilities have agreed to collaborate on future innovations in digital medical imaging and healthcare IT.

Meanwhile, Carestream Health announced its senior executive team and corporate operating structure. The leadership team, led by Chief Executive Officer Kevin J. Hobert and other former Kodak Health Group executives, will advance a global culture of innovation and customer focus, and ultimately position the company for continued future success.

Carestream Health’s major businesses and their respective executive leaders include:
  • Dental Systems: Richard Hirschland, president
  • Digital Capture Solutions: Michael Marsh, president
  • Healthcare Information Solutions: Michael Jackman, president
  • Medical Films and Printing Solutions: Marco Bucci, president
  • Molecular Imaging Systems: Shahram Hejazi, president
Rounding out the senior leadership team are Michael Pomeroy, chief financial officer and vice president; Michael Ducey, chief supply chain and logistics officer; Janine Kilty, chief personnel officer; Holly Hillberg, chief technology officer; Claudio Villarino, general manager of medical solutions worldwide sales and services; Richard S. Morabito, chief purchasing officer; James M. Quinn, general counsel & secretary; and Eileen Wirley, chief information officer.