Intelligent Tools for a Productive Radiologist Workflow, Universal Viewer Smart Reading Protocols

Watch this complimentary webinar to learn how you can help enhance diagnostic speed and confidence with GE Healthcare’s Enterprise Imaging Solutions. This webinar will focus on Universal Viewer using smart reading protocols; one of the intelligent tools that help to optimize productivity.

Smart Reading Protocols (SRP) represent a breakthrough in the way radiologists work with hanging protocols (HP) to help reduce image setup inefficiencies.

Display more than 70% of cases successfully without further manipulation using SRP machine learning techniques.

Simplify image display in single and multi-modality environments with the potential to improve setup time by up to 9% per case compared to traditional hanging protocols.(1)

Featuring Dr. Lindsey S. Rabushka from Northwest Community Hospital to provide a radiologist workflow perspective.

Webinar Participants:

  • Barbara Mullarky, Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare IT
  • Veena Haravu, Business Analyst, Product Management, GE Healthcare IT
  • Lindsey Rabushka, Staff Radiologist, Northwest Radiology Associates, Northwest Community Hospital
  • Mary Tierney, Chief Content Officer, TriMed Media Group

1. GE Healthcare, Intelligent tools for a productive radiologist workflow: How machine learning enriches hanging protocols whitepaper (2013).