Barco debuts new 3D software, launches clinical application module for vessel analysis
Barco announced this week what the company calls a "significant" upgrade to its advanced visualization and analysis software that it says brings technology improvements for radiologists as well as reducing their reading time, improving their performance and productivity and enhancing workflow. As a part of the new software release, the company also launched a new clinical application module for vessel analysis.

VOXAR 3D 5.1, Barco's upgraded 3D visualization and analysis software, provides radiologists with the ability to work with the increasingly large image studies produced by the newest generation of multislice CT scanners. Performance and usability enhancements have substantially improved the loading speed of these large image studies and the speed at which radiologists can interact with the study itself, Barco said. VOXAR 3D version 5.1 also incorporates specular lighting effects that improve depth perception and surface detail to provide radiologists with enhanced views of patient anatomy. This upgrade aids 3D reviews of bones, vascular structures and soft-tissue surfaces.

VESSELMETRIX, Barco's new VOXAR 3D vessel analysis module, provides radiologists with a clinical protocol-based workflow for quantitative analysis of contrast-enhanced CT angiography (CTA) and MR angiography (MRA) studies, including stenosis, stent and stent graft planning, and stent graft surveillance. The software has been designed to increase productivity, report key images faster and make the clinical task of reading CTA and MRA studies (and locating items such as locations of maximum area or diameter stenosis, labeling important structures, planning for AAA endografts, and creating summary image sets) easier with minimal user intervention, according to Barco. Advanced functionality such as automatic centerline finding acts as a baseline for accurate vessel measurements and permits rapid segmentation of vessels.

VOXAR 3D software is available as an integrated 3D software module within many PACS offerings and as a stand-alone 3D visualization and analysis software solution for customer sites without PACS.

Also, building on the success of the VOXAR 3D site license program, Barco has also introduced a number of enhancements aimed at streamlining the rollout and maintenance of software across customer sites. These include new options for centralized deployment and configuration, which make a site license easy to maintain, control and upgrade.