Scientists use fMRI to 'see' the brain listening to music

Scientists, with the help of at least one prominent rapper, are looking into just what music does to your brain. A recent story from London's The Guardian examined physicians who were studying the brain of rapper Tinie Tempah using an EEG machine while having his brain undergo fMRI.

For Slawomir Nasuto and Ian Daly, this is the “holy grail” at the heart of a five-year project. They’re hoping to harness the emotional power of music for therapeutic uses “to create a system which eventually will be able to help people with depression and different forms of emotional disorders associated with neurological disorders.”

“Music evokes emotion,” said Tempah. “Music can bring a crowd of 100,000 people from all different races, religions, sexualities all togetherthere’s not many mediums that can do that.”

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