Radiology well positioned to embrace AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perhaps the hottest topic across healthcare right now—especially in radiology.

Forbes contributor, Ben Kerschberg sat down with Satish Maripuri, the executive vice president and general manager of Massachusetts-based Nuance Communications, to discuss the future of AI and how it’s rapidly disrupting healthcare.

Throughout the interview, Maripuri continually referenced the growing partnership between AI and radiology. He also discussed a brighter future evolving between the two.

“Today, the latest advancements in radiology are highly receptive to the power of AI to improve productivity and accuracy while reducing the repetitive tasks that lead to burnout,” Maripuri said. “But that power needs to be easily accessible and integrated into the radiologists’ workflow.”

Read the entire interview below:

How Real-Time AI is Accelerating the Disruption of Healthcare