South Korea approves its 1st AI medical imaging device

South Korea is the latest nation to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their healthcare system. Today, South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug and Safety approved its first AI-based medical device, according to an article published May 16 by the Korea Herald.  

The newly approved image diagnostics device, called the VUNOmed-BoneAge, uses deep learning to interpret x-ray of a patients left hand to determine their skeletal age, according to the article. The AI technology startup Vuno and the Asan Medical Center, both based in Seoul, developed the device.  

"Vuno’s AI-powered device identifies a person’s skeletal age by comparing the inputted x-ray slide with a similar bone image pre-identified as being of a certain age and gives an instant diagnosis," according to the article.  

Vuno told the Korea Herald that the device can raise diagnostic accuracy by 8 percent and cut diagnostic wait time by 40 percent. Ultimately, the device is designed for use in pediatrics to predict a child's growth and guide treatment for growth disorders.  

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