“The most important finding of this study is that by using expert support by telemedicine, more patients with heart failure can gain the benefit of diagnostic ultrasound,” doctors wrote in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.

Among the more than 3,500 patients diagnosed with the disease, 0.9% had an ischemic stroke. But these patients were much more likely to have died at hospital discharge.

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients are at heightened risk for life-threatening venous thromboembolism, so clinicians should not hesitate to order imaging for the two conditions that jointly lead to it. 

Johns Hopkins researchers have demonstrated the use of photoacoustic imaging to guide catheter-based cardiac interventions such as radiofrequency ablations used to correct arrhythmias.

"This study presents a significant advancement in addressing a major unmet clinical need: the accurate arrhythmia localization in patients with a variety of heart rhythm disorders," one Johns Hopkins Medicine expert noted.

Budapest, Hungary-based Kinepict Health says its software produces higher-quality images and may ultimately make the technology more powerful and safer for patients.

Cardiac allograft vasculopathy is one of the most serious conditions that transplant patients face after surgery, but now clinicians have gained an upper hand in the fight.

The heart-based risk information was taken from colorectal cancer screening exams and beat out the Framingham risk score and body mass index.

The Beloit, Wisconsin-based company has received exclusive rights from Capella Imaging to develop and investigate a new fibrin-targeted diagnostic agent that's used in heart imaging exams.

This information can help clinicians adjust the quantitative standards used to asses how a patient's heart is functioning.

The study is the first, and largest of it's kind, according to researchers from the University College London, and offers new insights into how the heart functions.

Caption Guidance works with ultrasound software previously cleared by the FDA to help inexperienced clinicians acquire transthoracic echocardiography images.