Aspect Imaging Unveils Soft Tissue Contrast Capabilities For Its Compact MRI To Increase Optical Imaging Efficiency

TEL-AVIV, Israel--Aspect Imaging (, a developer of compact high-performance MRI systems, is introducing a new Fluorescent Imaging Tomography (FLIT) combined with MRI Compact system, “FLIT-MRI system,” to enhance optical imaging in MRIs for soft tissue in small animal research. Aspect Imaging’s user friendly, compact and efficient system enables the FLIT optical research community to fuse optical data with advanced soft tissue image quality.

Aspect Imaging is offering a cost-effective package for its Flit-MRI system, as part of a complementary and expanding suite of preclinical multi-modality imaging systems, including the VivoFuseTM 3D Optical BLI and MRI Fusion system for $323,000; and the SimPETTM Simultaneous Pet/MRI system for $699,000. Aspect Imaging is also offering to upgrade existing 7T or 9.4T MRI systems to PET/MRI with its new PET insert for $349,000.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide the tools to effectively analyze MRI results with clear soft tissue images, said Uri Rapoport, CEO and Founder of Aspect Imaging. With our cost effective MRI packages, we strive to make our advanced technology systems more accessible to the preclinical research community.”

You can learn more about Aspect Imaging MRI systems here:

Aspect Imaging is showcasing its technology at World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) in Philadelphia on September 13-16, Booth #500.