Intelerad wins highest number of net-new US PACS contracts

Montreal, Quebec, October 11th, 2018 – Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in enterprise workflow solutions, has achieved the highest number of net-new U.S. PACS contracts earned amongst multi-regional providers in a report just released by KLAS.

According to the KLAS PACS “2018 Achieving Success from Selection to Go-Live” report, between January 2016 and December 2017, Intelerad signed the largest number of new clients in the U.S., as well as the highest number of large-volume contracts. Top reasons for consideration include a strong market reputation, a positive user experience, and great pre-sales product demonstrations.

A director of radiology explained, “We went with IntelePACS® because of how strongly our radiologists preferred it over other tools. Radiologist adoption is such an integral part of being able to put a new system into place that our radiologists’ desires were what tipped the scales for us.”

“Intelerad has made big gains in expanding its footprint into hospitals. Our reputation of large-scale deployments, the performance of our solutions, and the efficiency of our workflows are making a difference for our clients”, said Christian Bazinet, Chief Operating Officer of Intelerad.

In addition, Intelerad has placed a strong focus on customer satisfaction and the results are clear. “We are very happy to see that not only 98% of our clients surveyed by KLAS would buy Intelerad solutions again, 98% of them also consider Intelerad part of their long-term plans”, stated Michel Desgagné, Intelerad’s Chief Customer Officer. “This places us in position ahead of the other major PACS vendors in the U.S. market.”

KLAS spoke with providers to validate the number of new contract wins each vendor signed from January 2016 to December 2017. To be included in the PACS report, contracts had to be for volumes of over 20,000 studies per year.

The KLAS report, U.S. PACS 2018 is available at