Actuality System introduces spatial 3D interventional planning tool for research
Actuality Systems Inc. has released Perspecta Medical, a spatial 3D system for surgical and interventional planning for use in research.

The system combines Actuality's Perspecta spatial 3D display with software that enables medical researchers to project interactive spatial 3D images of CT, MRI, and PET data into a 360-degree multi-viewer visualization system.

Perspecta consists of a 20-inch dome that plugs into a PC and displays full-color and full-motion images in 3D. Actuality says the tool provides an interactive view for simultaneous collaboration by multiple viewers on spatially complex work. For example, Perspecta can be used by radiologists working to understand the exact location of a tumor on a CT scan or mammogram, or by a surgical team for precise planning and positioning before surgery or radiation treatment.

The system's software provides a DICOM-viewer interface that presents coronal, axial, and sagittal views of imaging or research data. A medical researcher could move back and forth from traditional 2D CT or PET views to the spatial 3D view by clicking anywhere within the 2D image to project a volume-filling spatial 3D image in the Perspecta Display, Actuality said.

The system is not yet FDA approved. Actuality says it is intended to be used as a research tool and catalyst for the development of related applications.