Agfa promotes 'fast forward to digital' at AHRA
Agfa Healthcare introduced the newest in its "fast forward to digital" portfolio at the AHRA meeting this week in Boston. IMPAX Fast Forward to Digital for multislice computed tomography (MS-CT) is designed to help healthcare facilities effectively read and store exams generated from multislice CT.

The single modality workstation for multislice is now commercially available, according to Ray Russell, executive director of marketing. In addition to providing radiologists with the tools they need to read and interpret MS-CT exams, the system also offers cost savings. According to Agfa, assuming a facility performs 5,000 MS-CT exams per year, the percentage of cost savings of the standard IMPAX Fast Forward base configurations vs. film could be as high as 60 percent.

Agfa is offering its Fast Forward to Lower Exam Costs calculator along with the MS-CT system offering. By entering their own facility's data, users can determine how much the facility could save with various configuration options.

Agfa exhibited its newly FDA-approved IMPAX mammography diagnostic workstation. The multimodality workstation is designed for the retrieval, display, archival and distribution of mammography images.

Agfa also used AHRA to showcase its DryStar Imager 5300 that was first introduced in May. The company noted the table-top 14x17 imager is designed for easy, dial-in repair and is equipped with only 12 replaceable modules.