Allscripts, Medem offer free medical records in Katrina relief
Allscripts and Medem this week announced a partnership to provide free electronic prescribing and interactive personal health records to individuals displaced by Katrina.
By using the e-prescribing functions of the software, caregivers will write prescriptions for speedier arrival medications. The portable iHealth personal health records help in the rebuilding of medical histories and record treatments and will be essential in the coming months. The information is available online from anywhere, and can also be shared with emergency personnel, if desired. iHealth personal health records are already being used in various Texas shelters, according to the companies.
Information regarding iHealthRecords for all Katrina victims, their families, and their clinicians is available at
Allscripts and Medem have said they are cooperating with efforts by David Brailer, MD, PhD, national coordinator for Health Information Technology for the HSS, as well as other industry efforts.