Amplification: Codonics shows Horizon, new entry-level color printer
The following is a correction of a story regarding Codonics at SNM which ran in the June 23rd issue of Health Imaging News.

Codonics, a provider of nuclear medicine imagers, showcased the Horizon medical imager as well as the company's newly released entry-level EP-1000 color printer at the 52nd Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, June 18-22.

Horizon is a medical imager that combines large (14 x 17) and small (8 x 10) format film, color and grayscale paper output from a single desktop imager designed for radiology departments. Codonics gave SNM visitors a look at the next generation multi-media Horizon which includes two models for nuclear medicine, the CI for large formats and the SF (Small Format).

Within the PACS market people are trying to get away from wet film, and this provides a means to satisfy that need at a much lower cost, said Lex Pietraszkiewicz, VP, Global Sales, Codonics.

The Horizon has been successful, he said, because it provides a high quality solution tailored for printing nuclear medicine images. Traditional office color printers cannot match the colors represented on a workstation monitor display.

"Codonics is noted for what we call MCM (Medical Color Matching)," said Pietraszkiewicz. "This is the exclusive non-linear color correction that we do for nuclear medicine for what is called hot and cold metals."  

Also on display was the company's newly developed entry-level color nuclear medicine printer called the EP-1000.

Codonics was also proud to be the company selected to provide print samples of SNM's Image of the Year which were provided to booth visitors following the announcement.