Bar code wristband system information systems errors by 30 percent
An automated bar code system for glucose testing from Precision Dynamics Corp. has reduced information systems errors in the emergency department triage at Houston Healthcare in Georgia. The point-of-care bar code system consists of PDC ScanBand Wristbands, bar code printers, handheld glucose meters and a laboratory information system. Prior to using PDC’s Bar Code Wristband System, Houston Healthcare utilized a manual ID process in which two standard patient identifiers (patient name and account number) were handwritten on patients’ wristbands when entering the ED triage. Illegibility of handwritten data and occasions in which account numbers were keyed incorrectly led to information system errors. During the first three months of implementation, Houston Healthcare reduced information systems errors by 30 percent using the PDC system. With an average of 200 patients triaged in the ED per day, over six and a half hours are saved in identifying patients for glucose testing.