Barco, ATI partnering on 3D imaging
Visualization specialist Barco and workstation graphics accelerator maker ATI Technologies Inc. are announcing a technology cooperation for 3D-enabled imaging solutions for the healthcare market.

Barco's display system technology for medical imaging, combined with ATI's industry leading FireGL graphics acceleration technology, provides a solution for PACS and modality applications. Under the terms of the agreement, ATI will provide Barco with access to ATI's FireGL hardware and software graphics technology. The agreement will enable Barco to optimize ATI's graphics processors (GPUs) to meet the specific needs of medical imaging applications.

"Medical imaging is an important market that has substantial growth potential. As a proven market leader with extensive expertise in medical visualization, Barco will enable ATI to expand its presence in the healthcare industry," says Dinesh Sharma, director of ATI's Workstation Products Group.

Paul Matthijs, vice president of Barco's Medical Imaging Systems business unit, continues: "In their design of 2D and 3D enabled applications, our PACS vendors and integrators increasingly rely on acceleration offered by GPUs, programmed using standard interfaces like OpenGL or DirectX. With access to ATI's technology, Barco will have the ability to optimize the performance of ATI's graphics accelerators for medical imaging applications. As a result, Barco will be able to serve the medical imaging market with dedicated driver solutions and will make medical applications run more efficiently and faster on our display solutions."