Barco introduces next generation Nio
Barco this week released the next generation of its diagnostic grayscale display system Nio.

Nio, originally introduced in June 2003, is available in 2 mega pixel (MP), 3MP and 5MP resolutions and single- and dual-head configurations.

A significant enhancement to Barco's Nio is the new BarcoMed Nio display controller, featuring Barco's proprietary AURA technology. BarcoMed Nio produces 256 simultaneous shades of gray out of a palette of 1024. Another new feature is Barco's NioWatch software. Softcopy QA administrators can use the tool to set the display in accordance to DICOM part 14. In addition, Nio displays can be equipped with a protective front cover, which protects the LCD panel against damage from intensive use in clinical rooms, Barco said.

All Nio displays feature Barco's Backlight Output Stabilization (BLOS) technology. BLOS guarantees fast power-up and continuously stabilizes the luminance output of the LCD's backlight, Barco said.