Business Objects, IBM offer integrated data management tool for research and clinical uses
Business Objects, a creator of business intelligence systems, at HIMSS 2006 last week in San Diego announced a healthcare and life sciences offering with IBM for managing data used in research and clinical environments within healthcare and life-science industry segments, according to a release.

As part of the integrated offering, IBM’s Clinical Genomics (CG) product is now enhanced with business intelligence capabilities from Business Objects. This will allow companies to quickly synthesize and visualize genomic and pharmacogenomic information used in critical tasks, such as the development of new customized drug therapies and the improvement of patient diagnosis and treatment.

Additional uses for the solution includes helping HCLS organizations identify a list of potential candidates that fit a profile for a research study, as well as predicting “at risk” patients based on their similarity to a patient cluster – ultimately improving the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. Eventually, simplification of data may also enable researchers to be able to customize drug therapies for specific patient populations, the companies said.