Canon shows works-in-progress and portable DR products
Canon is showcasing a few works-in-progress offerings at SCAR, including the MinXray portable unit that has been built with the military in mind, because of its small, compact and sturdy design it is ideal for remote procedures of all kinds. Along side this device was a new CXDI software control station 50 which is viewable on a laptop and becomes a viewer with QA capability all on one portable computer. Another work-in-progress was the DR image viewer v3 which features a brand new "implant matching function" especially important in orthopedics, and also includes all of the current v2 features previously available, Canon said.
Also on display are three different portable configurations of Canon's CXDI-50G portable digital radiography systems for a variety of applications including trauma and bedside exams, all of which are currently available. Key features of the systems include a large imaging area (14 inches x 17 inches) as well as a lightweight design (10 pounds and less than 1 inch thick) which is designed to increase the range of such exams that require DR.