Cedara rolls out new PET/CT workstation software
Cedara Software recently announced the release of its new PET/CT workstation software.

Cedara PET/CT software can be integrated into the PACS workstation. This provides easy access to the PET/CT images at the same location where reading from all other modalities is done, allowing radiologists to efficiently report PET/CT studies, the company said.

The software has been designed to meet the challenges faced by many radiology systems and PACS that are struggling to adapt to the demands of PET/CT.  Many physicians who read these studies have been forced to practice directly on PET/CT consoles, which requires them to be at the location where the modality is located.

The software was first previewed at RSNA 2004 and because of that the company was able to incorporate customer feedback into product development, said Greg Girard, product manager at Cedara in a release.

"Workflow needs such as study loading for automatic series display, customized layouts for different users, simultaneous navigation through different image sets and automatic rotating MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) display have been incorporated into this release," Girard said.  "Standard Uptake Values (SUV) and Hounsfield units are similarly calculated for PET, CT and PET/CT fused images. While these particulars may seem like small details, they make an important impact on efficient study review."

Cedara PET/CT workstation software is designed as a plug-in clinical application available to OEM Medical Imaging companies and to healthcare professionals as a workstation that can be integrated into existing PACS and RIS/PACS systems.