Companies donate money for Tsunami relief
Eastman Kodak Co. this week announced contributions of approximately $1.5 million in cash, services, and materials to survivors and recovery efforts in regions devastated by the December 26 earthquake and tsunami that struck Southeast Asia.
Kodak's worldwide disaster relief support includes a $1 million corporate donation from Kodak to the American Red Cross' International Response Fund, local donations totaling $50,000 from Kodak houses in Southeast Asia to regional relief efforts as well as supplies and equipment from Kodak Health Imaging.
Kodak said its digital imaging technologies will be employed in diagnostic services for injured survivors, and to help families attempt to locate missing loved ones from the December disaster. The contributions from Health Imaging and Digital & Film Imaging Systems are valued in excess of $500,000.
Cedara Software Corp. has donated $100,000 to Save the Children Canada in support of Asian Tsunami Relief.
Save the Children Canada is a non-political, non-religious organization that provides both emergency relief and long-term development assistance through partnership with local communities, government bodies and international organizations. Save the Children Canada is part of an alliance of 27 Save the Children organizations and serves communities in more than 111 countries.