COMTek to be broadband provider for Virgin Islands eHealth initiative
Communication Technologies Inc. (COMTek), a high-speed broadband service provider available in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), announced this week that it will be the broadband provider for the Virgin Islands eHealth Initiative. The initiative is a new push to improve, streamline and lower the cost of high-quality health care for USVI residents.

"I really feel that the eHealth Initiative will be to health care in the 21st century what immunizations were to health care in the 20th century," said Dr. Cora L. Christian, MPH, medical director of USVI Health Care Quality Improvement. "It will revolutionize both the operations for the medical providers and make health care a more consumer-friendly and consumer- involved process.

"COMTek is the glue to make this operation possible. They are providing the highway on which doctors and patients alike can get efficient and secure access to medical health records information" added Christian.

Providing reliable, high-speed and secure telecommunications infrastructure will be an essential piece of the puzzle if the eHealth Initiative is going to work as intended for the medical community and consumers in the USVI, said Dr. Joseph E. Fergus, President, CEO, COMTek.

By using COMTek's advanced platform, the Virgin Islands could realize its potential of leading the nation in the effective use of fully networked health care information systems, according to Fergus.