dbMotion, Emerging Health team to facilitate RHIO development in New York
dbMotion Inc., a web-based data-sharing technology provider, and Emerging Health Information Technology, a provider of healthcare information management systems, last week announced a strategic partnership to provide technologies to support growing RHIO development in New York-based healthcare institutions. Through the partnership, organizations in the region will be able to utlilize dbMotion's technology and Emerging Health's infrastructure management tools to implement a flexible, scalable and cost-effective RHIO, according to the companies.

"The demand for RHIO solutions is exploding across the U.S., and New York is certainly leading the charge. By working with dbMotion, we hope to create a model for how healthcare organizations across the country can share information and deploy technology to improve the quality of patient care," said Jack Wolf, president and CEO, Emerging Health Information Technology. "We selected dbMotion because they have the only proven large-scale solution that will protect the privacy of the individual while providing clinicians with critical, and perhaps life-saving, health information regardless of where the patient seeks treatment."

General Manager for dbMotion’s U.S. and Canada business Peter van der Grinten said that the dbMotion team "is experienced in building RHIOs and has dealt with many of the data-sharing challenges that U.S. healthcare organizations are currently facing."

The dbMotion system — fully-operational for five years — is a web-based federated technology platform that gives participating healthcare organizations secure access to select components of patient medical files maintained at facilities that are otherwise unconnected. The company uses a ‘Virtual Patient Record’ that integrates relevant patient information which then can be shared within and across organizations even if interoperability has not been achieved.

For Emerging Health’s part, the company will help define the best strategy for creating an infrastructure that supports communication between RHIO participants. Using dbMotion's technology, Emerging Health will help create ‘a network of networks’ to maintain health information in much the same way the banking industry protects, manages and shares customer's financial accounts. Emerging Health will provide systems design, technology implementation, infrastructure support and network management for the RHIO network and its members, the companies said.