Dell to offer personal health records to employees with help from WebMD
Dell has announced plans to offer its U.S. workforce web-based personal health records – to include pharmacy and medical claim information – that will contain up-to-the-minute information regarding their health histories. Dell has offered such health records to employees since 2004, but they have been substantially upgraded. The new health records are planned for release later this spring.
The new tools were developed in collaboration with WebMD, and offer new claims-import capability designed for automatic and secure import of medical claims information. The tools enable employees to securely track and manage their data on procedures, conditions and medications from multiple sources, including doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care providers, Dell said.

Dell CEO Kevin Rollins made the announcement yesterday during a healthcare forum in Nashville which Dell hosted and co-sponsored. Together with healthcare officials, Dell focused on ways to lower costs and improve service quality by implementing information technology best practices.

"We work closely with our healthcare industry customers and policymakers to demonstrate how healthcare information technology can create value, improve productivity and drive efficiencies," Rollins said. "As part of this ongoing initiative, we're providing access to technology to our own employees that can help improve health and wellness while saving them time and money."

The effort called "Well at Dell," also includes customized health improvement programs, incentives for taking action to stay healthy, and tools to empower employees to be informed healthcare consumers, the company said.