E-Z-EM debuts works in progress point-of-care pre-imaging blood analyzer
E-Z-EM Inc. introduced at RSNA 2005 its new EZ CHEM blood analyzer as a works-in-progress. The company developed the product in conjunction with Nova Biomedical, and has exclusive rights to market the product to radiologists and gastroenterologists in North America, with additional marketing rights worldwide, the company said.

EZ CHEM is a point-of-care device for conducting blood assays in patients prior to certain imaging procedures. Such blood values are often required to determine a patient's kidney function before certain IV contrast agents are administered.

The device performs a simple test from a pin-prick same of blood and produces results in as little as 40 seconds after measuring the blood for levels of creatinine, an important indicator of a patient's renal status.

Evaluating a patient's kidney function can help determine their ability to safely receive IV contrast prior to a CT exam. This can be an important precaution especially for known diabetics, patients with known kidney impairment, and patients over 50. EZ CHEM should present considerable time savings, as such blood tests now must be sent to a lab before a CT exam, the company said.

E-Z-EM expects to submit its application to the FDA for regulatory clearance in the third quarter of fiscal year 2006 with commercialization soon after.