Eclipsys completes Sysware buy

Eclipsys Corporation on Tuesday announced the completion of the acquisition of Sysware Healthcare Systems Inc., a laboratory information system (LIS) company headquartered in Michigan.

Eclipsys first announced in June plans to purchase the company, along with its related software-development organization in India. The two companies have shared a strategic business relationship since 2004, with Eclipsys marketing Sysware's PowerLAB solution under the Eclipsys Sunrise Laboratory brand. This acquisition builds upon that partnership keeping the integrated laboratory information system as a core module of Eclipsys' Sunrise Clinical Manager suite.

The closing of the acquisition of Sysware's sister company in Baroda, India, which provides development services related to the laboratory software, is pending final compliance with Indian regulatory requirements.  In the meantime, concurrently with the Sysware closing, Eclipsys began operating the Indian business under a management control agreement.  
Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.