EMC augments storage architecture at Saint Raphael Healthcare System
EMC Corp. deployed its content addressed storage (CAS) platform at the Saint Raphael Healthcare System, a 511-bed academic health science center affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine.

Saint Raphael installed Philips Medical System's picture archiving and communications system (PACS) in conjunction with EMC's storage architecture. The healthcare organization purchased two EMC Centera systems with 32 terabytes of storage for the long-term archival of images.

Additionally, to ensure access to critical patient records, Saint Raphael uses EMC Symmetrix networked storage platform as the tier for short-term information generated and accessed by the Hospital Information System (HIS) application. For business continuity, Saint Raphael replicates data from one Centera to another at a different campus building and plans to purchase Symmetrix with EMC SRDF (Symmetrix Remote Data Facility) for future business continuity initiatives.