Fuji offers new off-site medical data archiving system
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc. recently announced the availability of a new off-site medical archiving service. This new spinning disk technology (RAID - redundant array of independent disks) system is especially designed for storage of radiology data with around-the-clock access and disaster recovery capability, the company said.
Based on Fuji's Synapse technology, the system is designed to enable the company's PACS customers to use the system easily by simply making a small system configuration change. Users have the ability to back-up the entire system, not just the DICOM images, and, if a study is unavailable locally for any reason, Synapse will automatically retrieve a copy from the data center. Furthermore, the Synapse-based design ensures that facilities with only a single location or limited IT resources can still gain the same benefit as larger institutions, Fuji said.          

Fuji expects that mammography will be another area that will benefit from this new offering, and the system can function as an add-on to the company's recently approved Fuji Computed Radiography for Mammography (FCRm) digital mammography system. Additionally, Fuji believes the retention requirements of mammography studies make this system even more relevant.  
Another benefit is the use of Fuji's unique AON (access over network) compression that provides for the availability of even the largest studies in a very short period of time.