Gamma Medica touts clinical benefits of LumaGEM
In a study led by Professor Orazio Schillaci at the University Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy, Gamma Medica's LumaGEM breast imaging camera detected breast cancers missed by standard mammography in three patients among a group of 29 studied, the company said this week.

According to Gamma Medica, Schillaci's findings are comparable to the results of an earlier study conducted by a team of researchers led by Leonard Coover, MD, at the Hamot Medical Center in Erie, Pa. Coover's team detected previously unknown cancers in three out of 37 patients who had dense breasts and in whom both clinical examinations and mammography reported normal results.

Coover's test results were reported in the April issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine ( Schillaci will present the team's findings at the 2004 Workshop on the Nuclear Radiology of Breast Cancer, Oct. 22 - 23, in Rome.